70th INTERNATIONAL ASTRONAUTICAL CONGRESS 2019 21–25 October 2019 Washington, D.C.

Special Events

Washington, D.C., is a city focused on networking, and private events—whatever the size of the gathering, there are a multitude of world class private and historic venues to choose from.

Whether it’s an intimate gathering for the IISL or IAA Dinners, a workshop setting for the SGC delegates and IISL Moot Court participants, or a picturesque venue for the IAC 2019 Gala Dinner, Washington, D.C., offers multiple options, conveniently located near the proposed congress venue and hotels, including the following:

Air and Space Museum  

National Air & Space Museum

The National Air and Space Museum on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., displays a dazzling array of flight artifacts, making it an ideal setting for an IAC gathering.

Reagan Center  

Pavilion at the Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center

With soaring ceilings, natural light, and stunning architecture, this location provides an elegant setting for an intimate dinner.



Stunning views of the U.S. Capitol and thought-provoking displays characterize this museum and make it perfect for a dinner gathering.

Mellon Auditorium  

Mellon Auditorium

Named for former Secretary of the Treasury, Andrew W. Mellon, the Mellon Auditorium features an expansive space with limestone-finished walls, marble floors, and polished oak—perfect for the IAC 2019 Gala Dinner.

Space: The Power of the Past, the Promise of the Future